When you’re running a massage business, choosing the right massage table is key to your success. With a key role to play in helping your client to be comfortable, and in matching your body’s mechanics, this is a purchase which requires research and planning. There are many different types on the market, so you need to know what to consider when choosing the right chair for you. Here are some things to bear in mind:

Future Plans

Although you may not have an exact future plan, if you invest wisely in a good quality table now, your work will be more effective. If you aren’t sure if you’ll be staying in your current premises, choose a quality portable table, whereas if you’re settled, you can get a good quality stationary table.


Think about the type of clients you work with. If they have issues around mobility, a table which can drop to a low position is ideal, if they are larger, they’ll need a bigger or wider table.

The Office

If you have a settled office, you can choose a stationary table, however if you’ll be sharing it with a colleague, you might need one that is adjustable to different heights. If you’ll be visiting clients at home, you’ll need a portable table.


If you are short, you’ll need to be careful about choosing a wide table. It will affect your body mechanics and will be harder to carry if it is a portable model.

What Types Of Table Are There?

    • Portable Tables – these affordable and mobile tables are ideal if you’re visiting clients or don’t have a settled office. Although the advantage is that they are lightweight, cheap and easy to carry, they can be noisy to use due to their moving parts and may have a lower weight limit because of the central hinge.
    • Stationary Tables – these professional looking tables are stable and comfortable made from a single piece of wood. More expensive than a portable model, they are still reasonably priced and often feature storage facilities for linens and accessories. They are heavy to move however and hard to adjust.


  • Electric/Hydraulic Tables – these sturdy and strong tables are long lasting and have adjustable height capabilities. They can be costly to buy and repair, however, and they cannot easily be moved.


Some Top Performing Massage Tables

Best Portable Table – Earthlite Harmony DX

Earthlite Harmony DX Table

This deluxe and adjustable portable table features a face cradle that is full with Cloudfill Polygel blend for extra comfort. It comes with a nylon carrying case that is extra durable and the table can be folded easily by one person and transported between jobs, weighing just 34 lbs. Padded with dual density soft cushioning, this comfortable table features durable Natursoft fabric for extra softness and it is also squeak proof and strong enough to hold body weights of up to 600 pounds. The Stablefeet ensure that there will be no slips while the hinge is full length for added strength. This product is also protected by a lifetime limited warranty.

Best Stationary Table – Earthlite Sedona Stationary Massage Table

Earthlite Sedona Stationary Massage Table

This quality stationary table has an attractive high quality hardwood body covered with a three layered, 3 inch thick deluxe Pro-Plush cushioning for extra client comfort. The cover is made from easy to clean and soft Natursoft vinyl and the handy hardwood shelf below is perfect for storing items and accessories. The height can be adjusted between 23 and 33 inches and it is available in a choice of three different widths.

Best Electric Table – Earthlite Ellora

Earthlite Ellora Table

This popular electric table is incredibly quiet to use and offers a hands free lift adjustment thanks to a heavy duty motor and a foot pedal. With an ADA compliant height range, this table can be adjusted between 17 and 36 inches for both the client and therapist’s benefit, and its surface is extremely comfortable thanks to the Pro-Plush deluxe three inch triple density cushion covered by Natursoft smooth and supple upholstery in a choice of sixteen colors.